About me!

Hi, my name is Kaity! I am a 28 year old Texas native! My birthday is November 4th, my favorite color is yellow and my favorite band is Thin Lizzy. I grew up in San Antonio and first moved to Austin in 2012 shortly after graduating highschool. I spent 4 years on the West Coast 2017-2021, while living in Seattle I completely fell in love with Sailing. It quickly became a new hobby and I found it taking over huge parts of my life. I would like to become a captain one day through the American Sailing Association and sail around the world. Other things that I enjoy are making art, painting, cooking, vintage shopping & thrifting and over all being outdoors! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

Shown in the above photos: a self portrait taken by a dear friend of mine, my best friend and I with our boat on Lake Union in Seattle and my two brothers and I attending my cousins wedding in Texas.